The Puppet Theatre " Za bregom" is the first private theatre in the independent Croatia, and was founded in 1993. The founders are the puppet theatre director and actor Velimir Chytil and the director Zdenka Đerđ. The reorganisation of Theatre was in 1999, when the director Jasna Mesarić participated as well.


Mission of Theatre is man's adoption and fostering of ever positive categories of humanity in first ten years of life through experience of puppet and / or theatrical performances and personal creativity in amateur puppet theatre companies.
Thus adopted categories - kindness, honesty, generosity, friendship, patriotism, tolerance – become virtues of an individual, who thus devised knowledge, skill or character associates with the higher level of lifelong learning. By such fostered creative approach towards himself, his immediate and wider environment, the child / man from his earliest age contributes in creating the sustainable recent reality as a stake for the future, but also for the more human past.


The Puppet Theatre "Za bregom" sees itself in the future as the initiator and coordinator of the European meeting point of professional and scientific theoretical work with recent puppet-theatre practice for children up to ten years, with the necessary questioning, confirmation and refutation of existing artistic achievements as well as creating new ones.
Special focus Theatre puts on gradual dispersion of the programmes, and on designing multi-year artistic and scientific research programmes that link the European continent with other continents of the planet Earth.