Current events

Puppet plays for children from three to ten years

In preparation - the revival / premiere of new production of the puppet performance ‘Moon’s Stories II’ (based on the motifs from ‘The Picturebook without Pictures’ by H.Ch. Andersen) and the premiere of the performance ‘Girl's / Daughter-in-law’s Confessions’ (dramatisation of I. B. Mažuranić’s tale ‘Stribor’s Forest’).

Puppetry Lessons

Ongoing registration for the 13th seminar ABC of Puppetry, DV "Siget", Siget 12, Zagreb.
One hundred hours of the seminar realised through thematically distinct and interdependent four sessions / weekend workshops:
First Session, 18 - 20 October 2013 Topic: Puppet-object and music
Second session, 8 - 10 November 2013 Topic: Dramatisation of the story
Third session, 22 - 24 November 2013 Topic: Making puppets and the set
Fourth session, 6 - 8 December 2013 Topic: Directing and animation

Information on request: / ++38591 6116 471 (on weekdays 9 am – 4 pm)
Application deadline: up the limited number (of 15 participants) or until September 27, 2013.

In preparation - making curriculum for master weekend-workshops: Music-puppet etudes and Puppet character in the educational group. Both workshops will be held in the hall of the nursery DV ‘Siget’, Siget 12, in Zagreb - the first one at the end of May 2013 and the second in early October 2013. Master puppetry workshops are the second level course intended for the participants of the Winter or Summer schools of puppetry and the seminar ABC of Puppetry.