About the theatre

The Puppet Theatre "Za bregom" has been active since 1993, creating plays for children from three to ten years of age. The peculiarity of Theatre is that we turn the living rooms at kindergartens and the classrooms or school libraries at schools into theatrical spaces by giving theatre performances. Since size of the rooms where the plays are performed is not so big, the number of spectators is limited (up to 100), allowing more direct and flowing perception and experience of performances.
Theatre cultivates two representational forms: PUPPET PLAYS and FAIRYTALE THEATRE.
Puppet plays are created with drama students / graduates or younger actors. For example, from 1996 to 2011 the following actors were acting / performing / playing with puppets for the first time: Hrvoje Zalar, Adam Končić, Matilda Sorić, Antonija Stanišić, Anđelko Petric, Kristina Krepela, Zrinka Antičević, Sven Jakir, Dino Škare, Ivana Rodin.
Monodramas from the Fairytale Theatre repertoire are played by doyens of the Croatian theatre, like Marija Kohn and Pero Juričić.
Both puppet plays and fairytale theatre performances are based on solid principles of aesthetic and ethical values, on a clear and interesting content. As the repertoire is designed for a predetermined age, everything is subordinated to a perceptive and experiential level of children’s cognition.
As an integral and a separate part of the complete Theatre activity, we offer the following puppetry-educational programmes: a hundred-lesson-based seminar for leaders (beginners) of amateur puppet groups entitled THE ABC OF PUPPETRY and thirty hours of master puppetry workshops as the second stage of education. The projects Everyday Life with a Stage Puppet, Puppet Play – Invitation to Conversation and Puppet Studio are perennial, research and permanent forms of work of previously trained educators / teachers and children within both school and extracurricular activities.

Along with plays performed throughout Croatia, other activities of Theatre take place at three locations:

Management / information / registration: Lutkarsko kazalište "Za bregom",
Ljerke Šram 8, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia, EU
fax: ++385 161 164 71, gsm: ++385 916 116 471
email: lk@zabregom.com

Rehearsals, puppetry workshops / studio: Mjesna samouprava Cvjetnica, Vrbik 10, Zagreb

Educational wekend-programmes (seminar ABC OF PUPPETRY, master puppetry workshops): Dječji vrtić "Siget", Siget 12, Zagreb